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Coffee Roasting and Bar
Moka Stresa


Our History

Our artisan company has a professional history since 1961. We always roast the best coffee in a traditional way and that is why we are appreciated and known as a symbol of quality.


Our Blends

The proposed blends are a mix of unique flavors and aromas created with art through decades of experience to please all tastes.


The Sales Point

The main store in Stresa is located in Via A.M. Bolongaro and it’s a modern place where you can taste our blends in peace, accompanied by professionalism and courtesy.

Hospitality Supplies

Do you want to amaze your guests with a thoughtful welcoming gesture?

In particular , we are turning to Bed & Breakfast, holiday homes, apartHotels and residences to propose our new range of grinded and bean coffees to offer your guests as a welcome gift. It’s about small packs of 100g that your customer can decide whether to consume on the spot or take home as a souvenir of a wonderful stay at our beautiful Lake.

Our History


Moka Stresa Foundation

The Coffee Roasting was born by opera of Cantaluppi Francesco (who at the time was an appreciated roaster) in the beautiful lakeside town of Stresa.

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Anni '70

The store opens

The Moka Stresa Coffee began to assert itself in the area so much so that it was necessary to open a retail store with an adjoining Bar, also in Stresa, where coffee blends from the best production areas can still be purchased.

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Stresa Stores
Anni '80

New sales point

Another store located in Villadossola (VB) is opened.

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