Handcrafted tradition for coffe roasting

Let’s start this journey together by letting you know, in a synthetic way, the history of our artisan company.
Moka Coffee Roasting was born in 1961 thanks to Cantaluppi Francesco (who at the time was an appreciated roaster) in the beautiful lakeside town of Stresa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore in the province of Verbania.
The Company’s goal was to offer a service to Bar, Restaurants and communities by using only quality products, so that everyone could appreciate the excellent coffee blends, prepared by F. Cantaluppi.
During the ‘70s, the Moka Stresa coffee began to assert itself in the area even at family level so much so that it was necessary to open a retail outlet with a Bar also in Stresa, where still today it’s possible to buy coffee blends from the best production areas.
Il Lupetto! From the beginning of the 1990s, the Company could count on another sales point located in Villadossola (VB), with the same characteristics as the first one. Currently the Coffee Roasting continues to operate in the field of coffee for professional use counting a small but selected clientele among the premises located in the district. 
Despite being an artisan reality, the Company keeps itself constantly updated for what concerns the legal and health aspect, with the aim of bringing out the serious and professional image that has been built over the years. As for the qualities of coffee used, always roasted in a traditional way, it ranges from Brazilians (Santos etc.) to the Central American ones (Haiti, Costa Rica, Nicaragua etc.), from those in Africa (Congo, Ivory Coast, etc.) to the Asian ones (India) all strictly selected at the origin to satisfy even the most demanding palates, creating strong or delicate flavors as well as sweet or aromatic ones, without forgetting the excellent decaffeinated obtained by water process.
Try our products and you will find quality and professionalism!