Our store was born in December 1980. At that time Francesco Cantaluppi already had clear ideas: to make his coffee more widely known and appreciated, he needed a place where he could taste and promote his product.

In the Old town of Stresa, which at the time was not  yet commercially developed as now, in Via A.M. Bolongaro he fell in love with a ruined house in which he already saw a perfect activity to develop his new idea of work: to have his coffee tasted and known.

After a complete building renovation, on 1 December 1980 the first store specialized in coffee was opened in Stresa.

We’ve come a long way since then and Moka Stresa has made itself known throughout the province of the VCO and the Alto Novarese.

In 2006 a new management of the restaurant brings a breath of enthusiasm  by perfectly mixing tradition and innovation. Thanks to the professionalism of Giacomo and Marcello in 2012 another general restructuring was carried out and the restaurant  took on its current appearance.

Now it’s a modern place where you can taste wines and aperitifs as well as coffee blend served with professionalism and courtesy.


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